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What an amazing week

Firstly, hi to a few new followers of the blog this week, I've just found out how to add new contacts to the blog listings so if you helped me out on my recent crowdfunder, I said I'd keep you up to date with my progress but please feel free to unsubscribe - hopefully you'll find the updates interesting. I only tend to do 1 a month so I promise not to fill your inbox.

As the headline states, "What an amazing week". From my previous blog, you see that I'd been impatiently waiting for a couple things to happen, firstly my driving test which I'd been waiting to sit for a couple of months and then also whether I'd been selected for Team GB and going to the European Olympics in February.

​​Well the week started well on Monday with a large white envelope arriving in the post - the tell tail sign came on the outside the evelope but I'd left strict instructions to my parents not to open it.

Inside was the news I'd been waiting impatiently for which was confirmation of my selection for the Team GB squad to head off to Turkey in February. So, finally made it, absolutely delighted but now mildly panicking that I now have to make sure I do my absolute best at the games.

The best news of all is that there are 4 of us going from Huntly to compete at cross country skiing. We've been training together since we were aged 7 so its brilliant that we've all made it through the journey to this stage and we can experience it together.

On Thursday, I'd been waiting since November for a date for my driving test and now was the day of reckoning. What with being away at ski camps for quite a few weeks in December and January, I was worried that I'd not practised enough - however I managed to pass my test on the first attempt - so watch out world, I'm now on wheels and not the roller ski variety.

Now that I'm a little more relaxed after passing my test and receiving the selection news, this week sees us heading off to Ramsau in Austria for the last training session before the games. Where we are heading to in Turkey is at altitude so unless your body is acclimatised, then racing there can be even more difficult than normal. So, for the next few days we're training high up and getting used to coping with a lack of oxygen in the body.

Then on the Friday 10th we head back to London to join the rest of our Team GB teammates at the gathering of the team and kitting out day. We're all really looking forward to this day when I think it will really sink in that we are now part of a very small band of athletes who have made this path. From there, we then all head out to Turkey together for the opening ceremony.

Finally, I'd just like to thank all those that have help support me getting to this stage, its been fantastic the support that I've had both locally and on-line. A few of you will now have received the t-shirts that I said I send out to those that helped me on the crowdfunder. If you've not got you're yet, it should be with you this weekend. It's great to see the pics coming through on Snapchat and Facebook - keep them coming - it helps to motivate me further knowing the fantastic words of encouragement I've had from everyone.

I'll keep you up to date on preparations for Turkey and how we get on over the next couple of weeks with our Team GB experience. Thanks for your support.

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