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I'm not good at waiting

I've been a bit like a caged tiger this week, pacing up and down awaiting various things to happen or arrive.

Firstly and most importantly, I'm still awaiting to find out if I'm going to EYO in Turkey next month by the British Olympic Association (BOA). Whilst I've been confirmed that I'm on the long list, with only a few weeks to go until the Games themselves the BOA have yet to announce the final team. The coaches are saying everything will be fine but until I actually see my name on an email or list, I wont be rest a little easier and start preparing.

I had hoped to hear this Friday past but still no news. They say that no news is good news but I'd still like to hear as the plan is to head to an altitude camp in Austria the week prior and there are lots of travel arrangements still to be made. Oh a a littl ematter of 4 prelims to fit in prior also.

Wait number 2 is my driving test, I passed by driving theory test back in early December but the earliest test date I could get was the end of January. Living in the country, whilst has its many benefits, I still cant wait to be independant and get out and about without having to relay on lifts from friends and family. Only a week to go, so fingers crossed then world watch out.

The last wait of this week was for a bundle of goodies from Trespass on my award for Snowsports blog of the year. The guys at Trespass had been in touch and let me know there was something on its way and I'm always excited to get some goodies, especially stuff I need on a daily basis for training. I was so excited that I added a 10km detour to my training schedule to roller ski out to the house to see if they had arrived. They had, I was delighted and I made the 5km return trip back with a big smile on my face.

It was perhaps obvious that the guys at Trespass had read my blog as the previous post I'd talked about the fact I'd been racing at -18C and needed some additional thermals - it was great to see an extra set in the pack - Thanks Trespass.

Hopefully, I'll have some further news next week on Team GB selection and a positive outcome to my driving test, in the meantime, you can all rest easy that I'm not let loose on the roads just yet.

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