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The Snow has Finally Arrived

At last, the snow has finally arrived her in the NE of Scotland, however, at the same time, I've come down with a severe case of manflu.

I felt my cold start about a week ago and I reckon that it was down to a dodgy water bottle that I'd not cleaned out properly. We're always taught to make sure our water bottles are clean but I'd obviously not been that thorough - my fault and nobody else to blame.

Anyway, the snow arrived on Friday and it's been coming down regularly over the past couple of days so me, my dad and the dog (Rowan) headed up to the local forest trails in the Clashindarroch forest.

I took it pretty easy and couldn't do that much without going into a coughing spasm and it's not good to train when your ill, but it was such a good opportunity to get out on the snow. So a very light session.

I'm off school for a few days for half term, hopefully the snow will last until Wednesday and my cold will be a little better - the plan is to get back out again before I go back to school.

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