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Prelims Done, but More Hard Work to do

After a couple of weeks of prelim exams, I've now come out the other side. Exams were ok with some good and some not so good results but something for me to work on in the coming months.

I received the good news that I’ve got a conditional place at one of the Universities where I'm planning on doing Coaching and Development. Just a small little matter of exam results in May but fingers crossed, head down and hopefully I'll make the grades. If not, I'll have a final year in school which won’t be that bad.

This week, a few of my British Nordic squad mates headed off to Germany to race. The day before they were away to leave, the race was cancelled and rescheduled for another venue about 300 miles south from the base they'd organised. Lots of last minute switching and a long drive and they're now in southern Germany.

Whilst originally I wasn't too fussed about not going as I was concentrating on my prelims, I kind of wish I was there. That said, heading off to Sweden in April, so won’t be long. AND its now snowing here in NE Scotland so hopefully will get a session on skis in this weekend.

Helped out this week with the local launch #wearitbeatit campaign from the British Heart Foundation – good fun and got to put into practise my CPR training which I’ve not practised for a little while.

Now it’s half terms so a few days off and looking to get onto snow – hope you are too.

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