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Back to the Grind

After the euphoria of last week and finding out my blog had won the Trespass Snowsports Blog Award, it was back to school and eyes down for prelim exams.

I must admit that whilst I love school, the learning bit is the bit I struggle with and perhaps don't give it my all. That said, it's prelim time so a case of knuckling under and getting them done.

Training is also back to a normal schedule, unfortunately there has still not been any real snow in the North East of Scotland so I've not managed to get out on the skis much. This weekend was a bit of work on the artificial track that we have here locally and practicing for racing. It was frosty so had a little slide to it to make aslightly easier but was still hard work.

Some of the squad are heading off for Germany in a couple of weeks for races but this time, I'm not going with them. The first race is a classic sprint of 3k which is not my best technique and then followed by a pursuit which basically starts you based on your perfromance from the previous day. I'm saving myself for a camp in April in Sweden where I'm looking to improve on my FIS points from earlier this year - but just being on good snow will be nice.

Some good news for me this week, is that I appeared in the local newspaper at the weekend and also my prizes arrived from Trespass - basically I received a bag full of gear which I'm delighted with - it's my first sort of sponsorship and hopefully the start to many in the future. Thanks Trespass.

Photo courtesy of the Huntly Express


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