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Feels Like I'm in a Race

It must be the competitive spirt in me, but this being nominated for the Trespass Blog Awards has made me nervous and anxious towards the results on Friday, it’s like the feeling you get just before a ski race when the butterflies kick in.

That said, there is nothing that I can really do about the result other than ask people if they'll vote for me, something that doesn't come naturally to me but I'm really pleased with the support and feedback back from friends and family - hopefully they voted for me.

To take my mind off it, I've been involved in my other love outside skiing which is music, whilst I don't play any instruments, I have this geeky passion for anything sound or lighting wise - the more techie the better. I volunteer as stage crew for a number of concerts and events and this week, I've been helping set up and take down sound and lighting for The Jam, well one of the original members at least.

In the past, I've supported Big Country, Eddie Reader, Deacon Blue and a few others. I'm starting to build up my portfolio and contacts so if skiing doesn't work out then perhaps the life of a roadie is for me.

Training this week has been steady, the week pans out mainly as follows:

Monday - Strength session and warm up

Tuesday - Level 4 session on skates and running

Wednesday - More strength training

Thursday - Balance and phase 2 work on hips

Friday - rest day - hooray

Saturday - 2 hours on roller skis

Sunday - another 2 hours running with poles

So another 10 hour week - looking forward to Friday and if you've voted for me - a huge thank you.


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