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New Year - New Goals

After being away with teammates at race camps for most of December, it's hard to get yourself motivated and back into training when I'm on my own.

I took a couple of days off during the Xmas period, but still managed to fit in some training on most days, even managing a level 1 run with my mum on Xmas day before our Christmas meal.

It's really hard to push yourself out the door when it's wet, dark and miserable outside and the duvet is lovely, warm and a box set of Breaking Bad to catch up with on Netflix. It's been recorded as the wettest ever January on record here in the North East of Scotland and its only the 11th. I did however manage to get out on snow yesterday over in Cairngorm.

The main issue is training on your own is that most of my teammates who live locally are spread out geographically and therefore getting us together on a regular basis outside school can be a challenge - but hey, some of my senior teammates are based in France, Norway, Sweden and the USA so I think I'm pretty lucky. But I do find training goes a lot quicker when there is a bit of banter.

Starting to build the hours back up again after the break and its another 10 hours this week. 10 hours doesn't sound a lot but when you have to do that over and above school and studying for exams, then squeezing in the hours can be tough.

Anyway, time for a 90 min level 1 run now - catch you later


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