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Seasons Greetings - Good to be Home

I'm back at home after spending most of the month of December away in Sweden and Austria - life can't be that bad can it? The time at home has given me time to catch up with friends, family and earn some cash to pay for it all.

After my races in St Ulrich, I was a little disappointed with my perfromance. As my previous blog, there was no snow in Austria so the race courses were man made stips of snow and as the weather was unseasonably warm, then this turned into slush - quite deep in places.

Therefore it was more of a slog than a race and something I was not quite prepared for. But, that was the whole point of the trip, get some more experience under my belt and give me a taste of what the competition is like. Overall the camp was good and the scenery breathtaking.

As in Sweden, we were up against guys who were up to 21 age so being only 16 made the physical size difference quite huge and the FIS points as a result, quite deflating. That said, I know I can do better.

I'm not sure when my next races will be, its quite hard to juggle school work and exams as well so it may be quite a while before I'm on snow again - hopefully after the exams though and I can get the points I need to get me into juniors.

Over Xmas and New Year, my training has slipped a little but I've still managed to do some level 1 stuff each of the days. Back to full training and up a gear in the New Year - so I've far managed to avoid any colds or the dreaded man flu and I'm fighting fit - so no excuses.

Have a great 2016 - I'm hoping mine will be.

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