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Austria - Sun, Scenery but no Snow

After only a few days back home, I managed to catch up on some sleep, clean all my training and race kit (thanks mum) and then head back to the airport for my next training and race camp. I've worked out that I'll only be at school for 4 days in December - result - although I do like school.

That said, I didn't enjoy the getting up at 3am to get to the airport for a 5.25am flight.

I'm now in St Ulrich, Austria, where I'll be racing at the weekend in the OPA cup at under 18 level. Whilst I dont expect to be high up the rankings as I'll be competing against guys who are up to 2 years older than me, I'm aiming to beat my points from last week in Sweden and see if I can break the 260 points required to qualify for entry into the British Nordic Junior squad.

The scenery hear is amazing, whilst I've been up huge mountains in Switzerland, its not until you ski in the shadow of them that you start to appreciate them more. It's blue skies, beautiful scenery, however, not much snow.

The race course we'll be skiing on is a man made track, laid out in a field. Its narrow and patchy so its going to be fun to race on but then its the same for everyone. The good thing is that we came out here on Sunday so, I'll have more or less a week to get used to it and improve my on snow techniques.

These past 3 weeks have been great, although hard work and I really hope I can get the results I want at the weekend - I'll just give it my best.

Also loving my new profile on the new British Ski and Snowboard website - not sure the photo is the most flatering but its probably me in my usual race face.

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