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Stirling Camp

It's been a busy week this week and, as usual, I've been flat out.

The week started well as I'd managed to get some tickets to catch Ben Fogle at his Call of the Wild show where he talked to the audience about how he'd got into television and which led to his career as an adventurer - made me think, nothing stopping me.

So, head down and get stuck into some hard work to get me there.

I'm starting my FIS international racing this year so I'm looking forward to the adventure that will bring.

Whilst I've raced in Sweden and Norway before on an informal basis, I really don't know what to expect when it comes to racing for real.

All I can do is work hard at training, take as much on board from my coaches and go out there and do my best.

So this weekend was a 2 day training camp with 4 other British Nordic Youth athletes. It was supposed to be an all weekend down in Stirling but turned out to be a few venues and just as hard, if not harder sessions.

We managed to fit in some skate and classic roller skiing, a 3km run test, some level 4 interval training and then the horrible ski-erg machine test. There is a little video here of part of my session - you'll see a bucket at the corner of the picture, thankfully I didn't need it but it came pretty close.

We all ended up back home on the Sunday night shattered and I basically got home and crashed into bed. Unfortunately the morning came all too soon and it was an early morning rise before heading to school.

Looking forward to the week ahead - definitely a lighter week of training planned.

#benfogle #stirling #CalloftheWild

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