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Getting back to full fitness

It's been a couple of weeks since my last blog and a big part of that has been spent in bed with serious man flu. I should have spotted the early warning signs when a couple of my team mates had the same thing and I just thought it had past me by - but oh no.

So with a heavy cough and sour thought, training went out the window but at the begining of last week, I started to feel a little better.

This weekend saw the latest round of the GB roller ski series. It was a 5km fastest wins type event, but being out of sorts for the best part of 2 weeks meant I wasn't expecting much in terms of perfromance.

That said, I gave it my all and came third in the prologue event in my age group so hopefully stands me in good stead for my preparation for the British Championships in a couple of weeks time.

Still plenty of time to squeeze in as much training as possible and to build my strength up to full strength for that weekend down in Middlesex.

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