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Getting Back into Training

It's just been light training for the last couple of weeks for me. That's not because its coming to the end of season but I'm still getting over the latest bout of manflu which has had me coughing and snivelling.

Therefore, on the advice of my coach, I've been taking it a little easier.

Light training still has had me competitive cross country running at school as well as fitting in some race skiing at the weekend.

As the snow had managed to stick around in the NE of Scotland, my local ski club organised a small series of races at the weekend. Glutton for punishment, I entered the 10k freestyle.

It was a beautiful day, blue sky, no wind - something that we dont see very often here.

Definately a great day for racing, but the combination of manflu and choosing the wrong skis for the race meant I raced, in the words of my fellow British Nordic Andrew Musgrave, like a traquilised badger.

Still, it was good to be back on snow and hopefully it will last a few more days at least, the aim is to be back out there on Sunday.

In the meantime, I received some excellent news today in the form of a letter from Sportsaid Scotland letting me know that I'd been selected for a grant to help support my skiing. It was great to get some additional funding and it will go towards some equipment or travel - it all helps towards funding my pathway. Absolutely delighted and on top of the award earlier in the year from Trespass, it's been a very good year so far.

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